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14th April 2007

12:48pm: just two funnies : )

SiMPLEExC0NNiE: congrats on the lamb-bardi
SiMPLEExC0NNiE: wanna barcadi? hehe
gurlgonemad18: lol it was beckman
SiMPLEExC0NNiE: whatever damn it
SiMPLEExC0NNiE: haha
Current Mood: amused

11th July 2006

1:08pm: Help save NPR and PBS : )
Last year, millions took action to save NPR and PBS, and Congress listened. We can do it again if enough of us sign the petition in time.

This would be the most severe cut in the history of public broadcasting. The Boston Globe reports the cuts "could force the elimination of some popular PBS and NPR programs." NPR's president expects rural public radio stations may be forced to shut down.

The House and Senate are deciding if public broadcasting will survive, and they need to hear from viewers like you. Sign the petition at:



P.S. Read the Boston Globe story on the threat to NPR and PBS at:


9th July 2006

1:14pm: la la la i havnt used lj in quite a while, mainly since my desk top refused to open the site. but alas the laptop accepts the drama whore of a site that is lj : ) so anywho i moved in to Windsor Hall its nice my roommate, jillian burns also from SRQ, is really nice she reminds me of kyle. Im working in the McKenna lab again :0) its fun fun i got my polio booster shot so i could do tissue culture which sounds interesting, i'll be starting that monday other than that things are uneventful, okies bye kiddies

29th June 2006

11:18am: holy shit i got my AP scores :)))))))))

1st January 2006

8:21pm: Dear Bonnie, Tom, and anyone that was stupid enough to listen to them last night:

Sorry if I ain't perfect
Sorry I don't give a fuck
Sorry I ain't a diva
Sorry just know what I want
Sorry I'm not a virgin
Sorry I'm not a slut
I won't let you break me
Think what you want

4th December 2005

6:53pm: stolen from clint and bunni <3
Clint, had a FABULOUS idea! If there is anyone out there who wishes to have a fully handemade, original christmas card then post your address and wait by the mailbox! There so many people on my friend's list and while some don't comment I know your all secretly wishing for christmas love! *wink*

20th November 2005

10:24pm: www.ben.com/photo/kittens/may.html

27th October 2005

3:18pm: MOSI!Collapse )

25th October 2005

11:39pm: I fucked a naked statue so people would talk about me

heh hehCollapse )

23rd October 2005

12:16pm: no schooool! ^-^

10th October 2005

11:10am: stolen from bunni ^-^
Game over.
Learn anything?
That's right...
I make a lot of coding istakes.

Well, let me break it down for you:

You have a total of 50 friends
You requested to guess 50 entries.
3 were skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 47 guesses.
You got 38 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 80% correct

Guess that Friend

29th September 2005

12:47am: Unreactive by Cuong o.o
Nathan, your name means giving - oh,
how giving you are to my wants
of self-destruction. The perpetual bonds
that you construct, give hyperventilation
back to my receding, asthmatic memory.

Carbon atoms your communion wafer,
you seem to salvage upon
the creation of the organic.
Those aromatic compounds lure
you into their carcinogenic confines.
Yet, still you nibble like a T-Rex,
hungry to synthesize new life.

Soon you will be giddy: alcohol
reducing your boiling temperature.
You gander about, upset by all
the fumes, which have seeped into your brain.

Scurrying away into the dark,
your coat and glasses your only protection
from the caustic pains that could spill
your way. Silently, you keep on moving,
not knowing when to stop. A trapeze artist
of energy levels, you make me tired.

Strutting forth like a webbed model,
You "hum" a mixture. Solution: I don't agree.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

24th September 2005

11:21am: i called ^-^
California Gov. Schwarzenegger's office is accepting calls from anywhere regarding their marriage equality bill. It passed both houses of their legislature, but needs the Governer's approval.

It's all automated, so you don't have to talk to anyone.

Follow these directions:

Call the Governor: 916-445-2841.
(This number is listed at http://www.governer.ca.gov)

Push: 2 (voice your opinion on legislation)

Push: 1 (gender-neutral marriage bill - Senate Bill 849)

And push: 1 to support marriage equality

23rd September 2005

3:37am: stolen from bunni ^-^
Chances are people you don't even know are being introduced to your journal every day, either randomly or through someone else. In addition to recent entries, people can get to know you better by what you posted in the past. With that in mind post a link to your entries on this day six months ago, nine months ago, a year ago, and two years ago. If there was no entry on that day, link the closest date.

Six Months Ago: weeeeeeeeeeeee

Nine Months Ago: i found this in the "gay boys" community

One Year Ago: Chino! that's chee-no ...not chin-oh lol

Two Years Ago: Sarumokikaraochiru! ^-^

19th September 2005

12:31am: bawls with rocky road and a dash of plaid ^-^
anonymous8040 (9:44:14 PM): lol wnan go and get anhthu ice cream?
gurlgonemad18 (9:44:27 PM): right now?
anonymous8040 (9:44:31 PM): yea=p
gurlgonemad18 (9:44:34 PM): ok

about about 45 min later: 3 asains (including myself :p) sit in pjs pouring over past year books and old quotes with ice cream and energy drinks in hand ^-^ that is all until about midnight when foos dad knocks... walks in to see the lights off, zaw in his boxers... and all of us holding what he thinks are beers... >.<

good times good times ^-^

a/n omg jason you have the best junior year picture EVER! you are awesome, marry me?

8th September 2005

10:21pm: hops on the band wagon
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See yaoiinducedcoma's results.Collapse )

1st September 2005

6:12pm: rawr! life is being such a bitch. the end.

21st August 2005

11:53pm: when god closes a door he opens a window
KyKy's in town, he had moved into his dorm and came for a visit ^-^ this year is going to kick ass. we went to ybor on sat fun fun tho chambers (the loft) is better i think (mabey next weekend <.< >.>)

and now for something completely random :pCollapse )

13th August 2005

8:24pm: From Zawzorous
1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll tell you what you would be good as when you grow up.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

7th August 2005

10:19pm: blissfully apathtic
well its that time again...when Chelsea becomes a complete hermit soCollapse )

1st August 2005

11:32pm: MY life for the next 9 months:
Hon Latin III
AP Eng Lit
Sculpture I/AP Econ
Hon. Organic Chem
Hon. Research VI

i orginally wanted ap bio and organic chem but they were only offered the same period (7th) and ap bio is mainly reading and self teaching anyway to i went with organic chem and then i was thinking AP physics but that couldnt be fit in >.< so i just up graded hons. econ to ap and taking two courses i was gonan take online blah ablh ablh w/e no one cares i know <3
8:10pm: more pictures

not many i know and even fewer that are actually good >.< but i thought i'd add mine to the mix with jenkins anyone else have any? i'd love to see them i really didnt get to many of ppl outside of a small group of ppl and im regerting that now >.<

<3 Chelsea
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